Icetool is an unique portioner for loose snus. It helps form and place perfect pris of snus under the lip. Icetool works like dream and it is about the manual pleasure of handling the tobacco and forming a pinch the size/shape you want. First there where portioners and after while the Icetool snus cans were introduced.


The high class Icetool products has been designed in Helsinki at 62.4302° N, 247271° E. After uncompromising product development, we are offering world´s best and beloved snus accessories.



Placing the snus under your lip has been never so easy. Just measure the right amount and shoot it up. Icetool portioner makes perfect pris portion from loose snus every time. Smooth and sleek design - For Stiff Upper Lip Clan.


Icetools are made of either stainless steel or aluminium. Both materials are long lasting and with right kind of use Icetools are basically eternal.



Due to Icetools material choise, portioners are easy to keep clean. Wash it under the warm water and keep o-ring lubricated with vegetable oil. No more hassle with dirty pharmacies´ plastic syringes.