Tin Can


Meet the tough guy.

Icetool Tin Can is our stylish and super tough stainless steel can for Swedish loose snus and American dip. Throw away the cover of the original snus box and place the snus with or without its original container inside the Icetool can and you are ready to go. You can easily fit the whole content of a snus box in the Icetool Tin Can. Fits a whole lot of snus portions or nicotine pouches as well if you are planning for a long day out in the wild. Won't stop bullets, though. Sorry.

- Clean and easy to use
- Strong and durable
- Keeps your snus fresh and safe
- Made out of stainless steel

Measures: Diameter 73 mm / height 25 mm
Weight: 68g

Icetool snus cans are probably the most stylish snus cans in the entire world. All the design features have been carefully considered. Strong and durable stainless steel or aluminum structure keeps your snus fresh and moist. Perfect for keeping your Swedish loose and portion snus and American snuff safe in style.