3ml Portioner
Available in Blue and Champagne
33 EUR (excl VAT) 
4ml Portioner
Available in Black and Blue
36 EUR (excl VAT)

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Ordering is easy, just send us your contact information by email ( contact@icetool.com) and we will take care of everything. We will first send you the invoice to pay and after the payment has been made, we will send the new and shiny portioner(s) to you.

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Don’t forget to tell us which size and color portioner(s) you would like to order!

If you would also like to order a new Icetool can, let us know and we will include your selected can in the same order!

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Icetool Portioner is always sleek, always shiny, and most importantly – always and essentially a snus portioner tool. This is the tool to help pack your snus dip under your lip! The design is inspired by a plastic syringe that you get from any pharmacy with the added benefits of being hygienic, tough, durable, and extremely stylish, of course. Icetool snus portioners are available in either polished stainless steel or sleek anodized aluminum and they come in 3 different sizes to please all fans of loose Swedish snus.

Icetool snus portioner is the perfect accessory for applying Swedish loose snus. A combination of beautiful and stylish design, high-quality finishing, and smooth function will take your snus experience to another level. 


Due to a policy notification from PayPal, we had to temporarily remove portioners from our website. We are trying to understand what the problem is and hope to be back with a full product assortment as soon as possible.

Until that, if you need a portioner please send us an e-mail and we will help you out!





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