Tri Can Leatherface Reindeer

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!! Temporarily out of reindeer leather but don’t worry, a new batch from the tannery is arriving  soon and after that we will have two fantastic colors to choose from… !!

Icetool Tri Can Leatherface Reindeer is our top-of-the-line limited edition series snus can with a remowable silicone divider inside. This can is finished with the softest reindeer leather you can imagine. Looking at it and feeling it in your hands tells the whole life span of the reindeer in the harsh arctic wilderness. You can see and feel every insect bite and scar on the softest hide. We use reindeer hides from the mystical Finnish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle.

- Reindeer leather accent from Finnish Lapland
- Smooth functionality with O-ring
- Strong and durable, made of solid anodized aluminum
- Silicone 3-part divider

Measures: Diameter 72 mm / height 15 mm
Weight: 42 grams

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