Icetool is a Finnish designer brand of high quality snus accessories, established in Helsinki back in 2003.  Our story started with the legendary Icetool snus portioner and after that we added the stylish and durable snus cans to our collection. Whether you enjoy loose snus, portion snus or nasal snuff, we have the perfect set of tools for you. Our cans are perfect for carrying your tobacco free products like nicotine pouches and cannabis or cbd pouches with you as well. 

Our mission is to create beautiful, durable and functional high quality products for the snus using community all over the world. Icetool is all about top grade materials, pure clean lines and simplicity, the sleek and stylish aluminium or stainless steel body comes in many color choices to compliment every user.

Whether your are chilling in the park, wandering in the forest, climbing a mountain or popping up at a posh bar in the city, Icetool will follow you.


Icetool offers a wide range of stylish snus containers for all snusers. There is a can for those who love snuff, for those who are into loose snus and those who prefer snus portions or nicotine pouches or cannabis pouches. If you want to keep your snus moist and safe and look cool, Icetool is the everyday carry of choice for you. 


The Icetool portioner is a legend. Made of perfectly polished stainless steel or tough and light hard anodized aluminum, made in many beautiful colours. Syringe-like design with a twist, it´s durable, it´s long lasting and best of all, it´s absolutely stunning. Icetool snus portioner is made in three sizes to suit the needs of all loose Swedish snus users. If you want the coolest tool to make a perfect portion without making your hands dirty, this one is for you.

Icetool portioner works well with all kinds of Swedish loose snus. We do not recommend using the Icetool portioner with the long cut snuff because of the rough texture of the snuff (people still do it and say it works, I guess we have to believe them)