What kind of snus is Icetool portioner suitable for?

Icetool portioner works well with all kinds of Swedish loose snus. We do not recommend using the Icetool portioner with the long cut snuff because of the rough texture of the snuff. Although, we have heard of folks in the US using the Icetool portioner with real American dip, we think it is cool!

Icetool snus can are only for Swedish snus?

Icetool snus containers are perfect for keeping all kinds of snus products safe and moist. Portion snus, mini portion snus, regular portion snus, white portion snus, slim portion snus, loose snus, white nicotine pouches often called nicopods and shew bags and cannabis pouches and cbd pouches all fit in as well. 

I hate it when my snus can opens in my pocket, can Icetool help?

Sure, you will not have that problem with Icetool snus cans. Our cans close tightly and keep all the good stuff inside the container. Some models even have a separate container for the used portions. Just take a look at our webshop, we are sure you will find the right Icetool for yourself.

How is Icetool portioners surface finished?

Surface of stainless steel Icetool snus cans and portioners is high polished. The Aluminium Icetool's surface is hard anodized. Anodizing is really thin electrolytic coating that enables metal to shine through the colour and protects aluminium from oxidation. Icetool’s surface is suitable for laser engravings. Great personalised gift idea.

How to keep my Icetool portioner clean and looking good?

You can keep your Icetool clean by wiping it with damp cloth or under running water. If you forget the Icetool in your pocket, it’s nice to know that washing machine won’t harm it – tested by accident a few times. But do not wash your Icetool in dishwasher as those nasty detergents can harm the anodized surface. Hard and sharp objects (like keys or stones in the same pocket) may scratch the surface of your Icetool portioner or snus can. 

Can I change the O-ring on my snus portioner?

Every Icetool snus portioner has a replaceable o-ring an they are delivered  with one spare O-ring. Remember to lubricate the O-ring every now and then to guarantee smooth function. If the piston gets stuck and becomes too stiff you know it is time to replace the O-ring with a new one.

Icetool limited replacement warranty

Icetool has limited lifetime replacement warranty concerning defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use. This limited warranty excludes normal tear and wear.

Gordito Ltd shall not be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this product, regardless of the legal theory on which the claim is based.