Do you sell snus or nicotine pouches?

No, we do not sell snus or nicotine pouches. At Icetool, our focus is on designing and manufacturing high-quality snus cans and accessories to enhance your snus experience.

What kind of snus is Icetool portioner suitable for?

Icetool portioner works well with all kinds of Swedish loose snus. We do not recommend using the Icetool portioner with the long cut snuff because of the rough texture of the snuff. Although, we have heard of folks in the US using the Icetool portioner with real American dip, we think it is cool!

Icetool snus cans are only for Swedish snus?

Icetool snus containers are perfect for keeping all kinds of snus products safe and moist. Portion snus, mini portion snus, regular portion snus, white portion snus, slim portion snus, loose snus, white nicotine pouches often called nicopods and shew bags and cannabis pouches and cbd pouches all fit in as well. 

I hate it when my snus can opens in my pocket, can Icetool help?

Sure, you will not have that problem with Icetool snus cans. Our cans close tightly and keep all the good stuff inside the container. Some models even have a separate container for the used portions. Just take a look at our webshop, we are sure you will find the right Icetool for yourself.

How is Icetool portioners surface finished?

Surface of stainless steel Icetool snus cans and portioners is high polished. The Aluminium Icetool's surface is hard anodized. Anodizing is really thin electrolytic coating that enables metal to shine through the colour and protects aluminium from oxidation. Icetool’s surface is suitable for laser engravings. Great personalised gift idea.

How to keep my Icetool portioner clean and looking good?

You can keep your Icetool clean by wiping it with damp cloth or under running water. If you forget the Icetool in your pocket, it’s nice to know that washing machine won’t harm it – tested by accident a few times. But do not wash your Icetool in dishwasher as those nasty detergents can harm the anodized surface. Hard and sharp objects (like keys or stones in the same pocket) may scratch the surface of your Icetool portioner or snus can. 

Can I change the O-ring on my snus portioner?

Every Icetool snus portioner has a replaceable o-ring an they are delivered  with one spare O-ring. Remember to lubricate the O-ring every now and then to guarantee smooth function. If the piston gets stuck and becomes too stiff you know it is time to replace the O-ring with a new one.

Icetool limited replacement warranty

Icetool has limited lifetime replacement warranty concerning defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use. This limited warranty excludes normal tear and wear.

Gordito Ltd shall not be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this product, regardless of the legal theory on which the claim is based.

How do I use the Icetool snus portioner?

The Icetool snus portioner is designed to easily scoop up and compress loose snus into a comfortable and easy-to-use portion. Simply insert the portioner into your can of loose snus, twist it to pick up the desired amount, and press the plunger to compress the snus into a neat, well-formed portion.

What materials are Icetool snus accessories made from?

Icetool snus accessories are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring durability and a premium feel. These materials are also easy to clean and maintain.

How do I clean my Icetool snus accessories?

To clean your Icetool snus accessories, simply use warm water and mild dish soap. For stainless steel or aluminum parts, you can also use a soft cloth or sponge to gently scrub the surface. After cleaning, rinse the accessories thoroughly and allow them to air dry completely before using them again.

Can I purchase Icetool products in stores, or are they only available online?

Icetool products can be purchased both in select stores and online at www.icetool.com

Do Icetool snus accessories come with a warranty?

Yes, Icetool offers a two-year warranty on all of their snus accessories. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but does not cover normal wear and tear or damage resulting from misuse.

Can Icetool snus accessories be customized with engravings or logos?

Icetool does not offer customization services for individual orders. However, if you are interested in a larger order or a collaboration with Icetool, you can contact their customer support team to discuss potential options.

How can I contact Icetool customer support if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about your Icetool snus accessories, you can contact their customer support team by visiting the "Contact Us" page on their website at www.icetool.com. You can also send an email to contact@icetool.com.

Are Icetool snus accessories suitable for nicotine pouches?

Yes, Icetool snus accessories can also be used with nicotine pouches, which are tobacco-free alternatives to traditional snus.

Can I use Icetool snus accessories for other smokeless tobacco products like dip or chew?

While Icetool snus accessories are primarily designed for snus, some products may be suitable for other smokeless tobacco products, such as dip or chew. It is important to check the size and compatibility of the accessory before using it with other tobacco products.

Are Icetool snus accessories dishwasher safe?

It is not recommended to clean Icetool snus accessories in a dishwasher, as the high temperatures and harsh detergents can damage the materials or finishes. Instead, gently clean your accessories using warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth or sponge.

Do Icetool snus accessories require any special care or maintenance?

Regular cleaning and proper storage are the main factors in maintaining your Icetool snus accessories. Keeping them clean, dry, and stored in a cool, dry place will help ensure that they remain in optimal condition for years to come. Additionally, avoid exposing your Icetool snus accessories to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals, as this can cause damage to the materials or finishes.

Does Icetool offer wholesale pricing for retailers or distributors?

Icetool does offer wholesale pricing for retailers and distributors. If you are interested in carrying Icetool snus accessories in your store or distributing them to other retailers, you can contact Icetool at contact@icetool.com to inquire about their wholesale program.

Are there any age restrictions for purchasing Icetool snus accessories?

While there are no specific age restrictions for purchasing Icetool snus accessories, it is important to follow local laws and regulations regarding the purchase and use of tobacco-related products. In many countries, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase and use tobacco products, including snus.

How often should I replace my Icetool snus accessories?

The lifespan of your Icetool snus accessories will depend on factors such as usage frequency, proper care, and maintenance. With regular cleaning and proper storage, your Icetool snus accessories should last for many years. However, if you notice any signs of wear or damage, it may be time to consider replacing the accessory to ensure optimal performance.

Are Icetool snus accessories environmentally friendly?

Icetool snus accessories are made from durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, which can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. Additionally, using Icetool snus accessories can help reduce waste from disposable snus packaging and portion bags. However, it is important to dispose of your snus and nicotine pouches responsibly to minimize their environmental impact.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for Icetool snus accessories?

Icetool may occasionally offer special promotions or discounts on their snus accessories. To stay informed about these deals, you can sign up for their newsletter on the Icetool website, follow them on social media, or regularly check their website for any updates or announcements.

Are Icetool snus accessories suitable for beginners?

Icetool snus accessories are designed to be user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and experienced snus users. The Icetool snus portioner, for example, makes it easy to create neat and consistent snus portions, even if you are new to using loose snus.

Does Icetool ship their snus accessories internationally?

Yes, Icetool ships their snus accessories to most countries worldwide. Please note that shipping times may vary depending on the destination, and you are responsible for any customs fees or import duties that may apply.

Are there any limited edition or exclusive Icetool snus accessories?

Icetool occasionally releases limited edition or exclusive snus accessories, such as special colorways, collaborations, or unique designs. To stay informed about these exclusive releases, sign up for the Icetool newsletter, follow them on social media, or regularly visit their website for updates.

How do I know if my Icetool snus accessory is genuine?

Genuine Icetool snus accessories can be identified by their high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and Icetool branding. To ensure you are purchasing an authentic Icetool product, buy directly from their website (www.icetool.com) or through an authorized retailer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Icetool copies in the market so be careful not to fall for a fake product. 

Do Icetool snus accessories come with a user guide or instructions?

Icetool snus accessories are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so a user guide or instructions may not be included with the product. However, if you need assistance or have questions about using your Icetool snus accessory, you can visit their website for more information or contact their customer support team for help.

Can I use snus or nicotine pouches while pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is not recommended to use snus, nicotine pouches, or any nicotine-containing products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Nicotine can have harmful effects on the developing fetus and can be passed to the baby through breast milk. Always consult with a healthcare professional for guidance during pregnancy and breastfeeding

How do I store snus and nicotine pouches?

To maintain freshness and quality, store snus and nicotine pouches in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Some users prefer to refrigerate snus to prolong its shelf life. Always check the expiration date on the product packaging before using.

Are snus and nicotine pouches safe?

While snus and nicotine pouches are considered safer alternatives to smoking, they still carry some health risks. Both products contain nicotine, which is addictive and can have negative effects on the user's health. However, they do not produce harmful combustion byproducts like traditional cigarettes.

Can I use snus and nicotine pouches to quit smoking?

Snus and nicotine pouches can be used as smoking cessation aids for some individuals. The nicotine content helps satisfy cravings while eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using these products to quit smoking.