Icetool reviews

Instead of just telling you how great Icetool gear is ourselves, we decided to share some reviews from along the way. To make life easier we collected a few reviews for you to read. We have not censored anything, just could not find any really really bad ones!

Snubie reviews the new Tri Can Denim, he likes it a lot!

Icetool Slim Can review by OregonNative in, thank you, sir!

Snus Girl tells what she thinks of her shiny Icetool. We are very pleased to read this, over and over.

Maybe our toughest and definitely the most thorough tester Chad at has not only written about Icetool but he has also made some very nice and informative videos, enjoy!

Chad going through the whole Icetool snus accessory family

Chad spending an evening with Icetool snus portioners, this one is from 2009, can you believe it, we can’t!

Chad on Icetool snus can, notice the old design. We remember the old looks with affection but new is new.

Icetool snus portioner vs. cheaper alternative... Who takes the crown?

Icetool Leatherface snus can.

Icetool Leatherfce snus can video


Big thanks to all the reviewers and Icetool users out there! We are always happy to receive your photos, stories and to hear of your experiences using our products.