Icetool EDC Wallet Titan colour aluminium card case


While Icetool snus can keeps your snus safe in style, Thin King protects your personal data and your credit cards from physical damage and the nasty RFID and NFC skimmers.

Introducing our collaboration with Thin King, the makers of truly beautiful and tough high-quality aluminum card cases. This is a perfect match.

Icetool EDC card case is designed in Finland – It is tomorrow´s wallet. The unique hidden grip method securely holds 1 to 6 embossed credit cards, ID cards, or other similarly sized cards. This aluminum cardholder is compact and lightweight enough to fit any pocket discreetly.

  • Holds 6 cards in style
  • Full RFID and NFC protection
  • Made of tough anodized aluminum
  • The clever in-built grip system never lets your cards fall out

Thin King goes anywhere with you, every day – whether you are going out for fun, traveling, or enjoying your favorite activity, Icetool EDC is the perfect protection for your credit cards. The thin, strong, and durable anodized aluminum frame keeps your card protected from wear and tear. RFID safe – Blocks those nasty skimmers and scanners.

 Size: 64 x 88 x 9,8 mm / Weight: 42g

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