Tri Can Silver


You wanted dividers, here it is!

Tri Can is a brand new Icetool snus can with a silicone divider. Have 3 different flavors with you or you can also take the silicon insert out and use it only for your favorite one. Whether you are a fan of Swedish portion snus, shew bags, nicotine pouches, or cannabis pouches, be awesome and get yourself a Tri Can, you two will go far together.

  • Smooth functionality with O-ring
  • Strong and durable, made of solid aluminum
  • Keeps your snus fresh and safe
  • Removable silicon divider insert
  • The silicone divider is easy to remove and clean

Measures: Diameter 72 mm / height 19 mm
Weight: 50 grams

Icetool snus cans are probably the most stylish snus cans in the entire world. All the design features have been carefully considered. Strong and durable stainless steel or aluminum structure keeps your snus fresh and moist. Perfect for keeping your Swedish loose and portion snus and American snuff safe in style.